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HOT LADY® is a Veteran-Owned and Operated hot sauce business encouraging passion, hard work, and the pursuit of dreams. HOT LADY is a symbol of courage for all people. Remain steadfast in the relentless pursuit of your dreams. That is the HOT LADY legacy.


From the pepper to the bottle, HOT LADY has been a brazen and adventurous journey in the pursuit of a dream to create the world’s best hot sauce. Our founder and his companion spent years exploring and developing the finest quality-sourced ingredients grown on the American continent. In their travels, they discovered the most favorable growing regions that yielded the tastiest and most desirable chili peppers. In a creative moment after one harvest, the duo perfected the recipe. To this day the companion’s whereabouts are unknown. She pioneered this remarkable creation and was capable of other miraculous feats. Somewhere, somehow, she’s doing something extraordinary. We will always know her as the Hot Lady.


As The American Hot Sauce Company, HOT LADY is committed to creating the world's most flavorful hot sauce and continually encouraging American innovation—in and out of the kitchen.

In accordance with our mission, HOT LADY has recently partnered with Hire Heroes USA, a nonprofit which provides free job assistance to U.S. military members, veterans, and military spouses. As a partner, HOT LADY Hot Sauce will donate a portion of all hot sauce sales to Hire Heroes USA.

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