HOT LADY Flaming Fish Tacos


Beer Batter:

1 cup corn flour
12 oz. beer

Fish Tacos:

Haddock or codfish fillets, weighing 2–3 ounces each
1 cup all-purpose flour
Salt and pepper
Flour tortillas
2 cups HOT LADY Hot Sauce
2–3 cups vegetable oil for frying


Prepared guacamole
Pickled cabbage
Fresh cilantro, chopped
Sliced red onion


Beer Batter:

    1. Gradually whisk 1 cup of corn flour into the 12 oz. beer in a bowl. The consistency of the beer batter should resemble the consistency of pancake batter.

Fish Tacos:

    1. Cut the fish fillets into strips about 1 inch wide by 4 inches in length.
    2. Add a pinch of salt and pepper to the all-purpose flour and coat the fish fillets with the flour.
    3. Pour the vegetable oil into a skillet such that it is one inch deep. Heat the oil on a medium heat until 325ºF.
    4. Dip the floured fish fillets into the beer batter and allow for the excess beer batter to fall off the fish. Then fry the fish in the oil, turning the fish over after about one minute. After a total of three minutes remove the fish from the oil and drain the fish on a wire rack.
    5. In a large bowl add the cooked fish with a few tablespoons of HOT LADY Hot Sauce at a time and gently toss to ensure the fish fillets are covered evenly with sauce.


    1. Cover one side of a flour tortilla with guacamole, followed by some pickled cabbage. Top with the fried fish soaked in HOT LADY Hot Sauce, followed by a dash of chopped cilantro and raw red onion.

Recipe Creator 🙌🏼
Edmilson Souza
& Peter McNeil
Cuckoo’s Nest
Mexican Restaurant

Check back regularly for more posts about HOT LADY Hot Sauce, the Hot Lady’s legend and legacy, and delicious recipes.

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